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About Us

Ambystoma mexicanum:  The salamander that never grows up.

Lizzy's Lotyls, L.L.C., is a small business located in Marshfield, Massachusetts.  Marshfield is a coastal town south of Boston.  Owner, Elisabeth Harper, has had over 23 years of animal care experience.  In addition, she has had over three years of highly focused experience in small animal breeding and genotyping at one of the world's longest standing animal care accredited Universities. We offer amphibious and aquatic habitat design as well high quality axolotls for sale.  Occasionally, we have other amphibians for sale.  We are a hobbyist breeder highly focused on proper care.  We love educating our community on these fascinating creatures and have created an online social group for our clients.  It is a resourceful network of local Axolotl owners sharing hilarious and gorgeous photos, care tips, health concerns, sitting services, and the like.


Our Story

Lizzy's Lotyls was established in 2021.  Lizzy has always had an intense passion for animals, plants, nature, and biology.  These passions eventually led her to a full time career working in Veterinary Medicine with a degree in Wildlife Biology.  She recently celebrated 17 years employed in the Comparative Medicine Services Department at Tufts University and Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston, MA.  

In the spring of 2021, Lizzy's next door neighbor gifted her three year old son a huge clutch of frog eggs from his pool cover which Lizzy saved and raised into adults.  From there, her passions continued to evolve.  She is now raising all different types of amphibians--including rescued newts, toads, and frogs.  And now, breeding healthy, high quality axolotls!  Our goals are to protect these precious species and teach our owners how to properly care for them.  We aim to make our customers giddy with excitement over the anticipation of their new pets and  allow them to be a kid again if they aren't one already --just like the axolotl--we hope you "Never grow up". 

Our Team

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