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Lis is a top notch animal care professional!  She has so many years of experience caring for animals that I know my little lotyl will come from the most well cared for environment!  Lis is also a very kind and passionate person.  She's already helped me immensely to make sure I've picked out the right materials!  10/10 recommend this business for professional and healthy breeding of lotyls!  -Christina, Plymouth MA

​Elisabeth from Lizzy’s Lotyls is amazing!  I worked with her to create a custom frog habitat for my son.  She was friendly, very responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and so easy to work with!  Elisabeth not only helped select a frog that would work for our family and lifestyle, she went out of her way to make everything perfect.  Based on our frog selection, an itemized list was provided to us in which we could select what items we would like in the habitat.  The process was extremely easy and incredibly reasonable in price!  Thank you, Elisabeth, for sharing your passion with us!  The tree frog and habitat is exceptional!  - Renee, Auburn NY

​I had a beyond awesome experience with Lizzy’s Lotyls!  I messaged her looking for a mel and ended up falling in love with a copper Mel with GORGEOUS gills.  She was always super quick to respond to any messages, sent multiple photos of my axie, & always answered any questions I had.  My baby came safely & beautifully packaged as well!  You can definitely see how much she loves & cares for her lotls.  Just wow!  Thank you so much for the awesome experience & a beautiful & healthy lotl! -Taylor, Narrows VA

​I cannot say enough good things about Elisabeth at Lizzy’s Lotyls.  I was provided a very healthy axolotl, but also someone I can rely on for health related questions.  She provides tips and tricks to any axolotl lover, and her response rate is very quick!  She really knows her stuff.  She is such a warm and inviting person at pick up as well, and really takes the time to make sure you are comfortable with your new baby.  If anyone is looking for an axolotl you cannot go wrong with choosing Lizzy’s Lotyls.  I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future, and I’ve told many of my friends and family about her.  Thank you Elisabeth, for everything. -Lisa, Rockland MA​

We absolutely love the baby Elisabeth sent us.  Her signature bag is such a good touch too.  The baby is so happy and has nice big fluffy gills.  You can tell she takes pride in all her animals.  It shows.  I highly recommend Lizzy's Lotyls. -Tina H., Owner of the Mottled Lotl, Madison OH

​I was fortunate enough to go in person and see the whole setup.  Beautiful top to bottom.  Everyone looked clean and healthy.  Jessi, Newton MA

I would like to thank Lizzy’s Lotyls for her beautiful lucy.  Shipping was very nice and even came with a cooler bag.  Due to a usps express delay, the box had to wait a few hours on my porch.  But when arrived water temp was only about 73-74 in the bag and our new axolotl was fine.  She raises them very nicely.  -Tina P., Owner of Tina's Happy Axolotls, New Castle PA

​"Cutex" seems to be adjusting well to first day in a new home!  Such a great buying experience with Lizzy.  Wish we’d found her sooner! -Ana, Foxborough MA​

Absolutely in love with my baby I picked up & finally brought home yesterday!  I'm sooooo in love with my lil one already!  Very happy to have found Lizzy’s Lotyls.-Savannah, Framingham MA

​Lizzy - amazing, super kind & knowledgeable at laying down all the rules of properly taking care of axolotls.  Warm, welcoming environment which helped to teach my kids the ropes of taking care of some super cute creatures.  Thanks, Lizzy! -Laurel, Framingham MA​​​​

Wonderful, friendly, and informative.  No one else does this nearly as well.-David, Marshfield MA

Lizzy is among the best of the best.  It's very obvious she loves what she does.  And, she has not only beautiful, but healthy and happy specimens.  She's always happy to answer questions or offer guidance in any way she can.  She has been a joy to work with every step of the way.  The two lotls I've gotten from her have both been thriving! -Cryss, Weymouth MA

Lizzy’s Lotyls is fantastic!  I was a brand new lotyl owner and Lizzy’s was extremely helpful in answering all my questions in preparation for my lotyls arrival.  They are incredibly loving to their precious little ones and a life long relationship is fostered for the life of your lotyls.  I loved mine so much I had to get him a buddy! -Nicole, Ayer MA

We were so excited to find Lizzy’s Lotyls!  Not only did we get a healthy, beautiful axolotl for our 8 yo son, Lizzy provided so much information and support to us as new owners.  Orange Juice has been a fabulous addition to the family! -Claire, Arlington MA

I got my beautiful and healthy girl from these wonderful ladies!  They keep in contact with me weeks and months after the purchase and answer any questions I have.  I strongly recommend Lizzy’s Lotyls and will only buy from them in the future! -Amy, CV Exotics, East Hampstead New Hampshire

We received our axolotl smoke from Lizzy!  Smoke was well cared for and loved!  Every interaction I’ve had with Lizzy's has been great and helpful! -Rebekah, Attleboro MA

We got one of Lizzy's very first Lotls, the infamous Bounce!  This was a totally new experience for us and we went into it knowing nothing.  From our first interaction we knew we were in the best hands with Lizzy.  I’ve had countless questions for her and she’s always answered them promptly and informatively.  Would only do business with Lizzy's Lotyls as we feel so comfortable with her. -Hillary, Marshfield MA


I can't say enough positive things about Elisabeth honestly.  We purchased our dirty leucy Poe about 2 months ago & she was informative & helpful throughout the entire process. She has even gone so far as to help out & answer some questions I had about another animal of mine (which I did not purchase from her) that has been unwell recently. With her knowledgeable background she is a great resource to have & I would absolutely recommend doing business with her!  -Caryn, Cary NC

Excellent customer service.  Always available to help.  -Crystal, Acton MA

I have nothing but good things to say about Elisabeth from Lizzy's Lotyls. She answers questions quickly and very much cares for her specimens. I bought Mojito (now known as Supernova) on October 15th. We traveled over 2 hours because we felt Lizzy's Lotyls were truly the best. She proved us right! We got to see their digs while the Aerosmith clutch was super tiny and kept in individual cups. We saw the baby brine shrimp set up and all the tanks that housed different adults. She truly cares for her axolotls and took time out of her day to make sure we had good information. Our baby came with an expansive printed care guide and I know I can reach out to Elisabeth with any questions at any time. Thankfully Supernova was very healthy and we have had zero issues with him. Thank you so much for helping my daughter's dream come true!!  -Lisa, North Stonington CT

Couldn't be happier with Lizzy Lotyls!  Our axolotl showed up just as Lizzy's Lotyls described it would and came with care instructions!  The staff is friendly and fast responding to answer any questions you may have!  -Hanna, Lucas OH

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