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Leucistic axolotls have white skin with a pink tone.  They typically have red or pink gills and dark eyes.  They are one of the more common morphs produced in captivity. 


Leucism is caused by a mutation that results in reduced production of melanocytes in the skin.  

Leucistics can be further classified into two different types--"Dirty" or "Clean".  "Dirty" means the specimen can have a freckling pattern on the face.  "Clean" specimens do not have this freckling.  The freckles can come or go with age and may vary in intensity. 

Sometimes, Lucys can have a variation in their gills called "blue gilled".  This is when the gills darken and have an interior blue branch- like pattern to them.  Our breeder, "Hoover",  is a good example of a blue gilled Lucy.  This trait usually doesn't present itself until the axolotl is older.   It is less common that a regular gilled Lucy. 

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