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The Firefly axolotl is not capable of being bred.  We do not offer or own this morph at Lizzy's Lotyls.  However, we thought it was worth describing as it often comes into question ethically.  To put it bluntly, this morph reminds me of when I was a little kid and used to bite the head off of two gummy bears and switch them.  In this case, it's the tails and they most likely aren't bitten off (we hope!).   


There are only about three or four people in the world who offer these morphs.   The "Lightening Bug", albeit similar, is not to be confused with the "Firefly".  The Lightning Bug was created by Lloyd Strohl II when he was a biology professor for the purpose of research not for a profit.  His work was done in the embryo stage of development before the animal has pain reception.

On the other hand, the Lightning Bug morphs are created after hatching using a surgical procedure.  They can even be purchased as a reciprocal pair.   After much personal thought, I've decided even if I could create these myself, I don't want to.  I feel that surgical procedures can be stressful and should only be performed on animals if there is need that benefits both animals and humans--not for our own mere pleasure and show. 


 With all this being said, none of the breeders/sellers have been willing to reveal their specific techniques in detail.   They claim the reason behind this secrecy is for the safety of the specimen.   We  so hope proper anesthesia, analgesic, and health monitoring is being performed.  

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