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The Mosaic axolotl is extremely rare.  Mosaicism is the result of two cells forming in development. In turn, the axolotl displays the phenotype of both cells.  The color variation is mixed. 

Even more rare, an axolotl can be a mosaic that is split evenly down the middle.  Our "Dust Buster" is an example of this oddity.  Unlike the other morphs, this characteristic is  so unique it can not be bred for. 

Mosaic and Split Mosaic axolotls are one of the most expensive specimens in the axolotl pet trade.  This is due to their unarguable uniqueness and character.  You can expect to pay upwards of $1700-2000  for just  one specimen.  Further, many breeders choose to keep them for their own personal collection making them even harder to come by. 

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