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The Hypomelanistic axolotl is currently one of the rarest axolotls in the world.  It is the newest morph in the pet trade and is quickly becoming highly sought after. 


Lizzy's Lotyls is the proud owner of FIVE hypo axolotls including one "super" hypo shown in the image displayed above.  We have two separate sibling pairs (all four of these pairs are related despite coming from two separate breeders.   However, our super-hypo is entirely unrelated to the other four.   We are actively working on obtaining unrelated hypos to make us confident that we'll be able to responsibly breed for this morph in our own lines.   

Super Hypo-melanoid axolotls have an extraordinary appearance as they lack all dark pigmentation!  Our "super" hypo is also saturated with xanthophores which results in stunning yellow-gold patches from head to tail!   Stay tuned for truly one of a kind specimens offered to local clients only!

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