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Hatch Date:  3/11/23.  Produced and rasied by "Lizzy's Lotyls".   Parents:  "Swiffer Wet Jet", Hypomelanistic Copper Melanoid, produced by "Rainyday Aquatics", Tacoma, Washington by "Dyson Cyclone V10", Super Hypomelanistic Melanoid, produced by "Axolotl Planet", Dallas, Texas.   Approximately 8 inches. Please use the contact form on this website to arrange local pick up or a shipping quote.  *Note:  This specimen has unique branching of the gill stalks.  Minor branching occurs bilateraly on the upper right and left gill stalks.    This poses no health concern to the speimen and makes he/she truly unique.   Last updated:  12/10/23.

"California Raisin" Hypomelanistic Melanoid Axolotl (Confirmed Male)

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