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Hatch Date:  3/11/23.  Produced and rasied by "Lizzy's Lotyls".   Parents:  "Swiffer Wet Jet", Hypomelanistic Copper Melanoid, produced by "Rainday Aquatics", Tacoma, Washington by "Dyson Cyclone V10", Super Hypomelanistic Melanoid, produced by "Axolotl Planet", Dallas, Texas.   Note:  This specimen has adorable bilateral branching occuring on both upper gill stalks.  This characteristic makes the animal truly unique and poses no health concerns.  Approximately 5-6 inches. Please use the contact form on this website to arrange local pick up or a shipping quote.  Last updated:  9/9/23.

"Fiber One" Hypomelanistic Albino Melanoid Axolotl

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