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Hatched:  11/28/22.  Approximately 3-4 inches.  Produced by The Mottled Lotl.  Hatched and raised by Lizzy's Lotyls.  Parents:  "Jerry" by "French Vanilla".  Per the Mottled Lotl:  "All of these babies are Axanthic blends.  Mom, "Jerry" is an Axanthic Copper and we were surprised to see Albino in this clutch.  Next I will need to breed her to a Leucy later on to prove that out for her too.  She came from breeder's, "Hog and Lotl",  pairing.  This was the pairing that proved  "French Vanilla" out to also be Axanthic.  He is a Hypo Mel Axanthic Albino het Copper.  This clutch has Axanthic, Mel Axanthic, MAC, Axanthic Copper,  and Axanthic Albino.  There will also be Axanthic Mel Albino and MAC Albino and Axanthic Copper Albino, but those will have to be proven out because they won't be able to be grossly identified.  Last updated: 2/1/23.

"Ferrara" Melanoid Axanthic Copper (MAC) Axolotl

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