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100% Proceeds donated to the Magical Moon Farm Foundation in Marshfield, MA.  Hatch date:  3/5/23;  Produced and raised by Lizzy's Lotyls.   Parents:  Female Super GFP Leucistic, "Eureka", produced by "Gillywater Aquatics", by Lizzy's Lotyl's Male, "Urban Decay".  "Eureka" is het Pied per her breeder.  "Urban Decay" is a beautiful long gilled Leucistic Melanoid.  Approximately 6-7 inches.  Please use the contact form on this website to arrange local pick up or a shipping quote.  *Note:  Specimens homozygous for the RFP (Red Flourecent Protein) require special lighting to see the red glow.   Last updated:  9/18/23.  

"Smooth Criminal" RFP Leucistic Axolotl

$255.00 Regular Price
$127.50Sale Price
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