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Approximately 3-4 inches;  Produced by "Great Lakes Lotls".   Mom:  "Marshmallow" (super dirty dark leucy) from "Orion's Axolotls";  Dad:  "Olive" (super dirty leucy) from "West Florida Axolotls and Exotics".   Hets: dirty leucy, pied lines.   # of eggs: 550.  Duds from clutch:  25.  Type:  super dirty leucy.  Hatched:  July 24th, 2022.  Deaths 15/375.   Unique:  possible pied.  Please note that the amount of freckling/dark pigmentation may increase or decrease with age.  USPS express 1-2 day shipping or local pick up only.  Please use the "contact" tab to arrange shipping to any legal US state. Local pick up available by appointment.  Last updated 10/23/22. 

"Mikey" Dirty Leucistic Axolotl

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